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Solar Garden Lights with Spike - Motion Sensor - Two in One package

Solar Garden Lights with Spike - Motion Sensor - Two in One package

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Solar LED garden light is a safe, energy-saving, an environmentally friendly product with stylish black colour. A perfect light for illuminating and decorating your garden or outdoor areas. It has built-in 1500mAh Lithium battery, poly-crystalline solar panel with high-efficiency conversion and good waterproofness. The light has photosensitive control and PIR motion sensor. It automatically charges during the day and turns on at evening.

When motion is detected at night, it automatically enters into the bright light mode, and after 22 seconds it converts to dim lighting mode. It has high-quality ABS material, UV-resistance, anti-corrosion and IP65 rating. Moreover, three levels connecting pipe design allows flexible height.

Light Applications

  • Landscape design, Outdoor and Garden Lighting, Exterior, Corridors, Pathways or Lawn Lighting.


  • Solar Panel: 6V, 0.7W
  • Battery: Lithium 3.7V 1500mAh
  • LED: 0.5W - 50Lumens
  • Control Mode: Photosensitive Control + PIR Motion Sensor
  • Material: ABS
  • Sensing Angle: 120°
  • Sensing Distance/Delay Time: 3-5 meters/22 seconds
  • Solar Charging time: 8 hours
  • Lighting time: 6 to 8 hours
  • Size: 106 x 618mm
  • Weight: 600gram
  • Waterproof: IP65 (Protected against dust that may harm equipment and against low-pressure water jets)

Additional Notes

  • For first time use, turn on the power "ON/OFF", then the indicator light will be on.
  • Link the connection pipes and spike to fix well in outdoor places.
  • Please charge the product under the sunlight first, when it hasn't used for a long time.
  • The spike is sharp, do not let children play with it to avoid injury.
  • The product comes with two solar lights in one package.

Solar LED Garden Spike Light with PIR Motion Sensor Package Includes Solar Lights x 2, Spikes & Connection Pipes x 6, User Manual.

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