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Wooden Beekeeping Beehive Housebox with Auto-Flowing Honey Frames

Wooden Beekeeping Beehive Housebox with Auto-Flowing Honey Frames

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Product Description:

The beehive is made of top-grade wood. It uses high-quality wood to ensure a healthy life for bees. The outside of the beehive is coated with beeswax, making the hive waterproof and more durable.

The dovetail joint design makes the honeycomb structure stronger. Pre-drilled for easy screw insertion for easy assembly. The plastic foundation sheet is also dipped in 100% beeswax.

To harvest the honey, you just need to uncover the cap of the comb and harvest tube, then insert the honey key into the gap, and rotate the honey key to a 90° angle.

Also, it has both sides of observation windows which let you see inside without taking off the lid and bothering the bees. You can monitor the status of the colony without creating a fuss.

Note: Not include transparent-yellow hive.


Product Specification:

Color: Brown

Material: Wooden

Size: 70.5 x 45 x 55 cm

Weight: 13kg

Function: Beehive Housebox


Package Inclusion:

1 x Beehive Housebox

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