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NOVEDEN Plant Watering Devices Set NE-PWD-100-XZ

NOVEDEN Plant Watering Devices Set NE-PWD-100-XZ

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Complete Drip Irrigation Kit: The irrigation drip kit comes with all the necessary components required for setting up a drip irrigation system, making it a complete solution for your watering needs.

Expandable Coverage: This irrigation drip kit can cover an irrigation area of up to 20-25 square meters, which makes it ideal for any garden or backyard.

Water-Saving Solution: With a plant drip irrigation system, you can save up to 70% of water compared to traditional irrigation methods. This feature not only conserves water but also helps to reduce your water bills.

Easy to Install: The irrigation drip kit is incredibly easy to install and can be set up in just a few minutes. You can connect it to any water faucet and get started with your watering requirements.

Versatile Usage: This automatic irrigation kit is suitable for any place you want, whether it's your garden, backyard, or any outdoor space. It eliminates the need for manual watering, making it a convenient solution for any homeowner or farmer.


Brand: Noveden

Colour : Black Hose, Green Connector, Orange Sprays

Material: ABS

Tube Length: 25 meters

Package Details

Packaging Dimension: 25.0cm*20.0cm*7.0cm

Packaging Weight: 1.1kg


  • 25m tube
  • Universal connector, quick connector, nipple connector, raw material belt, simple puncher each
  • 20 orange sprays
  • 20 flat mouth tees
  • 20 positive tees
  • Little Red Riding Hood dripper 15
  • 40 single barbs
  • Ground 15
  • Black 8 holes to insert 5
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